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dear bham do-it-yourselfers,

    here is a draft of the uab diy collective constitution. please read over it and let me know anything you would change, add, or drop. i know it's lengthy, but i don't want to be supreme dictator of this undertaking!

thanks in advance!


It shall be the purpose of this organization to support and promote do-it-yourself projects on the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus as well as in the greater Birmingham community. This organization will teach students with little to no artistic abilities how to express themselves using several different mediums. In addition, we will teach members trade skills of their choosing (i.e. car or bike repair). We will do this by holding workshops and other educational programs, while encouraging a sense of value in students’ crafts, skills and specialized work.


Article I. Name


The name of this organization is UAB DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Collective.


Article II. Membership


  • Section 1: The membership of this organization will consist of undergraduate students in good standing with the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


  • Section 2: Students from other schools and members of the community may attend meetings and workshops, but will not be considered official members of this organization. They will have no voting rights, and must pay for the materials they use during a workshop.


  • Section 3: There is no limit to the amount of students that will be taken in as members of this organization. There will be no membership dues for this organization, but members will be expected to aid in fundraisers to cover the costs of workshops.


  • Section 4: Membership in this organization is open to all meeting the above criteria, irrespective of race, creed, color, gender, class, age, nationality, disability, marital status, religion, veteran status, or sexual orientation.


Article III. Officers


  • Section 1: All officers of this organization must be full-time, matriculated University of Alabama at Birmingham students.


  • Section 2: The following offices must be filled at any given time:


    1. President: The President must be present at every meeting. This person will oversee meetings and be the head organizer of meetings, workshops, and fundraisers. Any decision regarding these things must be directed to the President for approval. The President also has the responsibility of keeping the Faculty Advisor informed about club events. He or she may choose a title other than “President.” The term of this office shall last for one school year beginning with their initial election.


    1. Vice President: The Vice President must be present at every meeting. This person will aide the President in organizing meetings, workshops, and fundraisers. He or she may choose a title other than “Vice President.” The term of this office shall last for one school year beginning with their initial election.


    1. Secretary: The Secretary must be present at every meeting. This person will be the primary contact for the collective. They must be knowledgeable about the Collective so that they can answer questions directed to them from students and community members outside the Collective. This person will be in charge of keeping up with incoming mail and e-mail and directing all important information to the President and Vice President. He or she may choose a title other than “Secretary.” The term of this office shall last for one school year beginning with their initial election.


    1. Treasurer: The Treasurer must be present at every meeting. He or she will keep up with costs for the organization. They must keep documents regarding the budget and all expenditures. They must be prepared with information concerning the remaining budget at each meeting so that future events can be planned accordingly.  He or she may choose a title other than “Treasurer.” The term of this office shall last for one school year beginning with their initial election.


§         Section 3: A person may hold more than one office when members see fit, and if the person holding office(s) can do all things required of those positions.


  • Section 4: Offices will be filled by the persons who receive the most votes from student members of the Collective. If at any time an officer fails to meet the position’s requirements, this person may be removed from office by voting members. A person may also elect to end their term, at which time a vote will take place for someone else to fill the open position.


  • Section 5: Offices other than the ones listed may become available, depending on the needs of the club at the time. These offices could include (but are not limited to) a Public Relations Coordinator and Creative Team leaders.


Article IV. Faculty/Staff Advisor


  • Section 1: There must be at least one member of the University of Alabama at Birmingham faculty or staff to act as advisor for this organization. At present, this advisor will be Kay Emfinger, Ph.D. (HOPEFULLY!!!) J If Dr. Emfinger elects to terminate her position at any time, a replacement advisor will be voted on immediately.


  • Section 2: The advisor is required to be familiar with the policies and guidelines of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and student organizations, so that he or she will be able to aide organization members if they have any questions on the procedures of these institutions.


  • Section 3: The advisor shall be informed about and approve of all planned meetings, workshops, and fundraisers ran by the club. Meeting attendance is not required for the advisor, as the President will give him or her a briefing of the meetings. The advisor has no voting privileges.


Article V. Meetings


  • Section1: The President will be responsible for coordinating appropriate meeting times, as well as securing a location for said meetings. If there is to be any change in a meeting time, the President must contact the Secretary and have him or her e-mail all members.


  • Section 2: Meetings will take place bi-weekly, including or in addition to one monthly workshop. This is subject to change as members of the organization see fit.


Article VI. Quorum


  • Section 1: All officers must be present at every meeting. This, however, can exclude workshops.


  • Section 2: At least three members must be present to conduct business as usual. This number is in addition to club officers.


  • Section 3: Members who are not present at meetings forfeit their right to vote on issues discussed during that meeting. If an amendment to the Constitution is purposed, a vote will only be taken if all members of the organization are present. 


Article VII. Amendments


  • Section 1: Any article a member feels should be amended shall be brought before the rest of the organization and put to a vote.


  • Section 2: Any amendment receiving a majority vote by members of the organization shall be ratified. All members must be present to vote on an amendment.
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